Versatile. User-friendly. Integrated.


In today’s high-tech operating rooms, the need to structure workflows and configurations is increasing as new technologies and complex medical device systems are introduced. In order to generate optimum in efficiency and quality for surgeons and operating room personnel, one of the most important functionalities is the networking of all of the equipment in operating room. 

core nova focuses on offering the user genuine added value. A large number of additional effective solutions are integrated in the core functions of documentation, video routing and device control. All these solutions share features such as uncomplicated handling, simple installation and intelligent integration.

  • core nova is the result of know-how for a completely new technology platform for OR integration and the consistent transition of the system to be in line with powerful and secure network technologies.
  • core nova offers many entry options for OR integration and ensures complete and efficient integration of devices and systems – for example, intra – operative documentation via endoscopy camera, professional media management or operation of medical devices. 
  • core nova can be extended at any time, regardless of the initial configuration. Due to network technologies and modularity, the effort for expansion is minimal and practical solutions can be realized in every dimension – optimized to customer requirements, international standards, and technological developments.


  • Software instead of hardware
    The functions of core nova are largely achieved through software. This means a very small footprint and resources for installation on site. Function expansions can generally be easily installed by an upgrade.
  • Use of existing infrastructure
    Whether the infrastructure relates to servers or cabling, core nova can be installed on the IT landscape that already exists in the hospital. This means very short installation times, e.g. one day for each operating room. Particularly for refurbishment during current operating activities this generates cost-savings.
  • Support for parallel processes
    Several control terminals can be used at the same time. Although they are synchronized, they can be used independently of each other. For example, one control terminal can be used to operate instruments in the sterile field, and another can be used on the wall for documentation by a stand-in.
  • Investment security as a result of scalability
    Requirements and needs change over the course of time. core nova takes change into account through its modularity and ability to expand. You can start with a small, cost-effective solution and expand this later by adding functions and components.
  • Mobile and Stationary solutions
    core nova can already be applied with an equipment cart that can also be used for several operating rooms. A large number of combi- nations and versions are possible including stationary solutions for each operating room.


  • Operation
    core nova is characterized by an intelligent operation. All integrated medical devices and components can be operated from any workstation in the operating room.
  • Display
    core nova provides an image distribution from multiple video sources to four surgical Monitors at Maximum, as well as streaming within the hospital network.
  • Store
    With core nova, complete data acquisition during the intervention and simultaneous distribution of the collected data to multiple data repositories is possible


  • The eintire planning and configuration of the core nova system is tailored to the functional workflows and working practices in the respective clinics in accordance with the requirements profile. All modules are perfectly integrated and perfectly matched; The setup process is completed by installation, roll-out and maintenance of systems to ensure a streamlined operating room that funktions seamlessly every day.
  • An advanced core nova operating room can be set up today with a low initial investment. The system can be continuously upgraded at any time through the link-up and safe plug-and-play procedure without the need for complex configurations. The total operating costs for the overall system are exceptionally low.
  • core nova facilitates the implementation of current network-based operating room integration so the requirements of tomorrow can be met today.
  • Richard Wolf offers experience, innovation and competence in the individual conception of integrated, network-based operating rooms.


  • core nova took first place with the innovative OR integration solution core nova in Category B “IT and Communication” at the Management & Hospital AWARD 2017.
  • In the fall of 2016, two products from Richard Wolf – the small and compact camera solution ENDOCAM Flex HD and the integration solution core nova – were nominated by the Jury as finalists in two different categories. From October to November 2016, the readers of the magazine and online visitors had the opportunity to cast their votes in support of their favorite product.


The new “blue” Standard for Photodynamic Diagnostics (PDD)


Photodynamic diagnostics as a surgical technique in endourology for the early detection of non-muscle invasive bladder carcinoma (NMIBC) has been in widespread use for many years in order to reduce the risk of progression and relapses in NMIBC.

In developing System blue, a refined PDD system that has been thought out down to the finest detail, Richard Wolf is setting a new benchmark in the detection of bladder carcinoma with Hexvix®. System components optimally harmonized with the photo sensitizer achieve a significantly improved tumor fluorescence and can therefore increase the detection rate.

System blue from Richard Wolf combines unique innovative components on an excellent system for early identification and treatment of tumors.

    The first LED-based PDD light source offers maximum color contrast for clear tumor differentiation
  • Autoclavable Special Fiber Light Cable
    Unique for fluorescence applications
  • ENDOCAM Logic HD
    High-resolution camera controller with two different PDD modes – bluePDD and blue PDD Color Contrast
  • PENDUAL blue HD
    Articulated full HD camera head for application in cystoscopy and in resection
  • PANOVIEW Telescopes blue
    Improved light transmission and longer life time thanks to new fiber design