• Innovative, worldwide-unique, computer-aided & software-aided in-image-navigation with ultrasound and x-ray localization
  • Ultrasound and live xray image display
  • Multi-panel-capable and remote control
  • Outpatient, anesthesia-free and sedation-free treatments
  • New, multifunction treatment table – easily adaptable through “plug & play”
  • Treatment table usable for lithotripsy and urology mode
  • Live xray transparent CFRP areas for ESWL and endourology applications
  • Today urological stone management comprises a variety of procedures in which extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy has established itself as a central treatment. 
  • In addition to the treatment of kidney, ureter, and bladder stones, the PiezoLith 3000plus also offers the possibility of orthopedic and gastroenterological applications.
  • The combination with endourological interventions imposes special demands on a multimodal ESWL workstation for stone therapy. The innovative, modular, and mobile PiezoLith 3000Plus concept, with its groundbreaking operating philosophy, meets these requirements in special measure. The automatic patient positioning of the PiezoLith 3000Plus, combined with unique features, such as piezoelectric double-surface technology, triple focus and dual simultaneous real-time localization, are the basis of the new generation of ESWL devices


  • Piezoelectric, direct-focusing shockwave technology
  • Worldwide-unique guaranteed service life of 5 million shockwaves (or 2 years)
  • Penetration depth max. 165 mm central / 200 mm distal (-6 db)
  • Single pulse, continuous pulse of 30 – 360 shockwaves per minute and ECG synchronization are possible
  • Low shockwave noise level of max. 82 dB(A)
  • No reflection waves and pain perception is much lower
  • Unique triple focus for indication-adapted stone fragmentation


  • Inline ultrasound localization
  • Continuous inline ultrasound monitoring is possible without radiation exposure and without interruption of shockwave therapy
  • The inline probe can be operated and controlled by a motor and is arranged coaxially and isocentrically to the therapy focus
  • Variable motorized adjustment of the inline probe in the near, middle and far range for individual patient monitoring from 0 to 120 mm through axial motorized movement
  • Coaxial isocentric inline ultrasound localization with 0° to +/-90° motorized rotation
  • Outline x-ray localization
  • All x-ray systems can be operated and controlled by motor
  • Confocal and isocentric therapy focus arrangement
  • Variable, motorized lateral rotation range from 0° to +/-30°
  • The outline concept offers optimal image quality and minimal radiation exposure
  • X-rays picture can be taken at any time without interrupting the shockwave therap


  • Touch panel in widescreen format
  • Menu-guided, user-friendly touch screen for clear, fast, intuitive, and convenient operation
  • Ultrasound and x-ray live image for dual simultaneous real-time video presentation
  • Optional widescreen monitor for additional clear changeover between ultrasound or x-ray presentation
  • Mobile monitor cart with accessories
  • Multi-panel-capable: multiple control and remote control
  • Individually configurable and expandable
  • Can be mounted with stand on control device, on the mobile monitor cart or in a separate operator room with radiation protection panel
  • Patient and treatment documentation optional

Power. Flexibility. Usability.


With the 70 watt MegaPulse 70+ holmium:YAG laser, a totally new and far-reaching treatment spectrum is enabled for the endourologist. More power, more versatility, and more application comfort – combined in just one device with an outstanding price-performance ratio.

    Stone treatment made easy – In this regard the user can select settings that favor fragmentation  (“Power Fragmentation” setting), dusting (“Dusting” setting, “Power Dusting”) or popcorning (“Popcorning” setting).
    Cutting results – Presets ensure optimum cutting performance depending on the properties of the tissue. For the appropriate setting, the user can select between “Forced Cut”, “Standard Cut”, and “Precise Cut” but also “Coagulation”.
    Free pulse selection – The MegaPulse 70+ laser offers the experienced user the possibility of selecting the pulse width in three stages – short, medium, and long – and thus cover a broad spectrum from 50 µs to 1100 µs. The values for energy and frequency can be individually adapted.


  • Multifunctional – one laser for lithotripsy and enucleation
  • Powerful – power: 70 W
  • Energy: 5.0 J
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Unique power laser fiber with a 200 µm diameter
  • RFID detection of the laser fiber in sterile packaging


By means of RFID technology the MegaPulse 70+ laser can identify laser fibers within the aseptic package – a direct connection to the laser is not necessary.

When using multiple-use laser fibers this feature allows the user to gather important information before unpacking the fiber

  • Laser fiber diameter
    Facilitates quick and safe identification of the fiber diameter otherwise difficult to distinguish with the naked eye.
  • History of use
    The system recognizes how often a laser fiber has been used and how many more times the fiber can be reused until it must be replaced.


A large number of small details significantly enhance handling with the MegaPulse 70+ laser, increase safety and also save time in the operating room.

  • Power Laser Fiber
    A special 200 μm Power Laser Fiber achieves an equivalent power output to that of a 272 μm fiber despite its smaller diameter, which makes it ideal for flexible ureterorenoscopy. Additional disposable and multiple-use laser fibers can also be ordered.
  • Double pedal foot switch
    Orange and blue pedals can be used to easily switch for example between “Power Fragmentation” and “Popcorning”. An additional standby function allows the user to activate/deactivate the laser as needed.
  • Automatic shutter at the fiber port
    A shutter at the fiber port prevents dust particles from entering the system. The shutter’s sensor-controlled, automatic opening facilitates handling with one hand.
  • 12″ touchscreen display
    The large display can be rotated and tilted. It allows all functions to be operated intuitively and all important information to be displayed at a glance.
  • Blast shield
    The filter between the fiber input and laser rod prevents contamination and can be easily exchanged.ň
  • Green pilot beam
    The optional flashing function offers optimal orientation even in case of bleeding.
  • Internal water cooling
    Compressors are used to provide cooling and permit use in rooms with a temperature range from 10°– 30°C.