Radiofrequency Electrosurgical unit



The best alternative to Surgitron devices, RFS 3800K and RFS 4000K series radiofrequency surgical generators have an essential feature: High-frequency radio waves of 3.8-4.0 MHz perform a “cold” tissue incision at a temperature of 38°C to 70°C (“Than the higher the frequency, the lower the temperature effect”), as a result of which there is no deep necrosis and trauma, the healing process is accelerated (proliferation is observed from the second, third days) and passes without the formation of a rough postoperative scar with minimal pain and high cosmetic effect.

This technology allows obtaining high-quality, most accurate histological tissue samples. An equally significant advantage is the sterilizing effect of high frequency radio waves of 3.8 – 4.0 MHz during manipulations and a “dry” (bloodless) incision, which makes it easier for the surgeon to view the surgical field.

Radiofrequency surgical generators greatly facilitate and speed up surgical manipulations. After surgeries performed with a radio frequency surgical generator, there are practically no such unpleasant postoperative consequences as pain, swelling and infections, which so often occur after the use of traditional high-frequency devices (HFCH) in such surgical interventions.

APPLICATION: Dermatology, gynecology (including children), ophthalmology, plastic surgery, otorhinolaryngology, surgery (including children), proctology, urology, PCLS and CS, neurosurgery, cosmetology, veterinary medicine, etc.



  • Mains voltage … 220
  • Mains frequency … 50
  • Coagulation power max … 100 W
  • Dimensions: (H x W x D) … 370x130x265
  • Weight … 7.8 kg
  • Operating frequency of monopolar electrodes … 4.0 MHz
  • Operating frequency of bipolar electrodes … 1.71 MHz