Reach the unreachable

TIP Control

This a complete, multifunctional instrument is offered with which the user himself can adjust the opening angle of the forceps to the given requirements. The handle of this new product family has been especially designed for high application of force and fatigue-free ergonomics. The control lever for distal deflection is easily interchangeable and thus it is equally suitable for right-handed and left-handed users.

  • Available in three different, special jaw types
  • Distal articulation of the jaws
  • 360° positioning of the jaws through sheath rotation
  • Jaws can be locked shut for easier operation
  • Effective and easier removal of stents with the scissors
  • For use with the TEXAS and Hemer tracheo-bronchoscopes
  • Fatigue-free handling through ergonomically-shaped handles
  • Optimal reprocessing through integrated Luer lock connectors

Endoscopic carpal tunnel release


The “ENDO-CARTRIS” instrument set was designed in close cooperation with leading surgeons. This instrument set enables a gentle procedure for endoscopic therapy of carpal tunnel syndrome to be carried out. The syndrome is the result of chronic pressure damage to the median nerve on the flexion (palmar) side of the wrist. The median nerve is compressed here beneath the flexor retinaculum (transverse carpal ligament). This basic system can be used for the single-port technique and for the double-port technique.

The “ENDO-CARTRIS” instrument set consists of:

  • Telescope guide
  • PANOVIEW telescope, 4 mm, direction of view 30°
  • Insertion sheath with obturator
  • Carpal tunnel dissection probe
  • Handle for blades

The efficient morcellation system

PIRANHA Morcellator

The Piranha System is an ideal combination of laser resectoscope, morce scope and Piranha morcellator. It efficiently removes enucleated tissue after a complete laser Transurethral Resection of the Prostate (TUR-P). The system operates intuitively and efficiently without the need to change sheaths and continuous irrigation sheaths during a procedure.

  • Perfectly matched system
  • Complete laser TUR-P Set for HoLEP or vaporesection
  • Can be used with all standard laser fibers up to 1,000 µm

Flexible Sensor Cystoscope

TEXAS Bronchoscope

Thus the TEXAS bronchoscope system is ideally-suited for a wide range of applications, such as biopsy, tumor resection, foreign body removal, stent placement, and extraction.

  • Optimal view through the telescope integrated in the bronchoscope tube
  • 360° all-round view through the fenestrated beak-shaped sheath tip at the distal end of the bronchoscope tube
  • Intubation is significantly facilitated with the permanent view
  • The integrated irrigation channel means that the distal lens of the telescope can be irrigated during an operation if it becomes contaminated by secretion or blood
  • The entire inner lumen is free of obstructions because the telescope with the integrated light cable is positioned in a separate recess (large working channel)
  • Compatible with all forceps intended for this purpose and for combined application (rigid and flexible work) with the flexible bronchoscope

Precise and selective removal

Endobronchial Shaver Blades

The complete set is rounded off with a bipolar suction device for hemostasis. Shaver Blades, Remover and the bipolar suction device are specially matched to our TEXAS bronchoscope.

  • Extra sharp cutting surfaces, serrated or smooth
  • Curved upward at the distal end – for a better view of the shaver tip in the endoscopic image
  • Rotatable by 360°
  • Special coating of the inner blade that improves gliding properties
  • World innovation – Secretion Remover for the removing thick, viscous secretion or blood coagulum
  • Bipolar suction device – simultaneous suction and coagulation
  • CO2 channel for the tracheal scope tubes
  • Low-weight shaver handpiece
  • Time-saving, precise removal

For slitting urethral strictures under vision

Optical Urethrotome 8670

  • For 3.3 mm, 0° Endoscope
  • Fixed eyepiece
  • Working element for stricture scalpel
  • Sheath with instrument port
  • Sheath outer for continuous flow
  • Hollow obturator can be inserted in the urethra via a guide wire
  • Guide tube with lateral opening for inserting a 12 Fr. balloon catheter

For slitting urethral strictures under vision

Optical Urethrotome 8667

  • For 4 mm, 0° & 12° Endoscopes
  • Fixed eyepiece
  • Working element for stricture scalpel
  • Sheath with instrument port
  • Hollow obturator can be inserted in the urethra via a guide wire
  • Guide tube with lateral opening for inserting a 16 Fr. balloon catheter

For slitting urethral strictures

Non-optical Urethrotome

  • OTIS urethrotome with 3 exchangeable tips (straight, angled and spherical) including 2 knives
  • Spare knife

For slitting the female urethra and for meatus stenosis in males

Bougie Urethrotomes

  • Instrument, Bougie urethrotomes
  • Instruments, Knife suitable for all bougie urethrotomes

Slim design compactly packed

Compact Hysteroscopes

The Compact Hysteroscopes are set apart by excellent handling, easier preparation, durability, brilliant images and a genuine continuous irrigation function. The Compact Hysteroscopes feature a narrow outer diameter of just 3.8 mm / 5 mm. Yet they offer flexibility for a large-lumen, straight working channel of 5 Fr., allowing a broad range of instruments to be used.

  • Compact and ergonomic instrument with atraumatic instrument tip
  • Outer diameter of 3.8 mm / 5 mm
  • 30° / 20° PANOVIEW PLUS telescope
  • Straight 5 Fr. Working channel for the use of auxiliary instruments
  • Continuous irrigation through separate inflow and outflow channels for optimal visibility


Fiber Uretero Renoscope

Due to its very small dimensions, the ultrathin fiber uretero-renoscope is predestined for therapy for infants, children, and adolescents. The oval irrigation and working channel allows optimum irrigation and working with the appropriate auxiliary instruments.

  • Ultrathin – 4.5 / 6.5 Fr.
  • Stone therapy with laser fiber Ø 272 μm and Lithoclast® probe Ø 0.8 mm
  • Ideal for primary URS without previous insertion of a double J catheter

Micro modular forceps and scissors system


By constructing this modular, innovative HySafe product line with its new Easy-Click mechanism, in combination with optimized safety components, we have provided the perfect instrument. The system’s new over- load protection device provides a service life guaranteed to be at least three times as long.

  • Modular construction for economy
  • Cleaning of the jaw interior
  • Overload protection provides significantly longer service life
  • Simplest assembly and disassembly using the
  • Easy-Click mechanism

Instrument Set for arthroscopy of the hip


  • PANOVIEW telescopes and Arthrolution trocar sleeves – adapted specifically to meet the requirements of hip arthroscopy
  • All indications of hip arthroscopy can be treated
  • Modular aiming device for simple portal creation
  • Color-coded “One-Step” dilatation system in a range of diameters
  • Specially length-adapted punches with various angular deflections available
  • Microfractor PULSEShifter – force flow is directed almost completely along the distally deflected sheath (45°)

The new generation for all endoscopic joint interventions


  • The new ARTHROlution Arthroscopes present a universal solution for all endoscopic joint interventions.
  • Optimum adaptation to joint anatomy, high level of mechanical stability, ergonomic handling and special design details offer you optimum performance for your daily work and the best hygienic requirements needed during reprocessing.
  • Safer, easier to operate and main- tenance-free click lock.
  • Protection for the distal lens with projecting sheath.
  • New construction technology ensures a high reliability seal between the window and the telescope tube.

A new benchmark in precision

Instruments for Elbow Arthroscopy

The special set offers a practical range of instruments. The surgeon benefits from the perfect tuning of all components to the anatomical circumstances and optimum harmonization with all the pathologies being treated.

  • Markings on trocars and trocar sleeves, and also on access instruments simplify orientation and improve handling.
  • The ergonomic handles give you perfect control at all times.
  • The grasp with special serrated edge can be hygienically prepared in the simplest way.

The future of diagnostic thoracoscopy

Mini-Thoracoscopy set

This all-in-one instrument set for single port thoracoscopy permits minimally invasive diagnostics in the thoracic area with only a small incision.

  • Smallest thoracoscopy set with a diameter of just 5.5 mm
  • Optimal image quality thanks to 50,000 image pixels
  • No rod lens breakage due to overloading
  • Large working channel for 3.5 mm instruments
  • Suction removal of fluids is possible with the instrument introduced
  • High cutting quality of the biopsy forceps
  • Ergonomic design
  • Working instruments can be changed quickly and are always in the field of vision
  • Pain reduction due to extremely atraumatic method

Perfection in detail

Video Mediastinoscopes

A simple twist of the wrist enables this instrument be dismantled into its component parts for optimal reprocessing. Complemented by the elegant haptic design and the integrated telescope this mediastinoscope offers optimal prerequisites for the user and for hygiene staff. The Video Mediastinoscope can be optimally supplemented through combination with bipolar instruments, so that the neutral electrode can be completely dispensed with during application.

  • Deployment for “Extended Mediastinoscopy”, i.e. the space gained through parallel and distal expansion permits improved access to lymph nodes located laterally
  • Permanent optical visualization through the integrated endoscope
  • Suction-irrigation channel for cleaning the telescope during the intervention
  • Height-adjustable (parallel adjustment)
  • Spreadable in a distal direction
  • Can be connected to conventional camera systems
  • A neutral electrode is not necessary for working at high-frequency
  • Completely dismantlable – including the adjustment mechanism
  • Very easy to handle – optimized adjustment mechanisms through use of precision ball bearings
  • Fully compliant with the latest reprocessing guidelines

The modular solution for laparoscopy

ERAGON Modular

ERAGON modular is setting benchmarks in versatility and quality. This modular generation of instruments was created to cover a broad range of applications. Surgeons can rely on precision, safety and intuitive handling. ERAGON modular is the system for countless interdisciplinary potentials and your particular laparoscopic toolbox.

  • All-encompassing instrument system, perfectly harmonized
  • Cost-efficient operations that save time
  • Customized combinations Interdisciplinary applications Intuitive and ergonomic
  • Optimized tray configuration
  • Sophisticated safety concept
  • Broad range of jaw parts with various diameters and working lengths
  • Numerous handle versions

New set of instruments for minilaparoscopy

ERAGON Modular Mini

The successful 5 mm ERAGONmodular concept was used as a basis to develop three-part modular 3.5 mm instruments that satisfy the toughest standards in hygiene and application technology. The tried and proven click-it system ensures simple assembly and disassembly and is fully compatible with both the ERAGONmodular series and the new ERAGONaxial handles.

  • Three-part modular concept – can be dismantled completely for reprocessing
  • Broad range of new, additional jaw parts for diverse applications
  • Simple disassembly and assembly with click-it fastening technology
  • Customized instrument combinations
  • Reduced surgical trauma
  • Ideal in pediatric surgery – also avaliable in a working length of 240 mm

2mm instruments in the ERAGON design

ERAGON Modular Micro

The successful 5 mm ERAGONmodular concept was used as a basis to develop the two-part modular 2 mm instruments that satisfy the toughest standards in hygiene and application technology. The tried and proven click-it system ensures simple assembly and disassembly and is fully compatible with both the ERAGONmodular series and the new ERAGONaxial handles.

  • Modular, two-part modular concept with proximal irrigation connection – can be dismantled completely for reprocessing
  • Jaw part can be rotated via the sheath tube
  • Compatible with the diverse range of ERAGON modular handles, including the ERAGO Naxial version
  • Simple disassembly and assembly with the established click-it system
  • If a component is damaged, only that part has to be replaced Integrated overstrain protection to protect the sensitive joint mechanism
  • Further addition to the ERAGON modular
  • Perfectly suited to be used in pediatric surgery

Unprecedented sharpness and even better ergonomic design

ERAGON Modublades

The ever demanding modular ERAGON modublades “metzenbaum scissors” concept is a logical combination of disposable and reusable components. It delivers the outstanding cutting quality of disposable scissors, but is far much economical thanks to the low disposable proportion. At the same time, insulation extending to the joint mechanism offers additional safety when working close to organs with monopolar HF current. The reusable carrier components, which guarantee optimized stability and durability, significantly reduce running costs.

  • More safety with insulation extending beyond the joint mechanism
  • Simple assembly of the scissors attachment

When ergonomic design and intuition are in perfect harmony


ERAGON axial combines the advantages of the existing ERAGON handle concept, such a broad contact surface, optimum control of the rotary knob, precise grip and reliable hold, with a surgical detent. ERAGON axial offers invigorative procedures and precision with improved handling.

  • Optional rotation knob attachment for extra comfort
  • Simplest disassembly and assembly with click-it fastening technology

Bipolar forceps and scissors system

ERAGON Bipolar

Modular, ergonomic and safe, the modular ERAGONbipolar system consistently meets all these requirements. The tried and proven click-it fastening technology vastly simplifies assembly and disassembly and permits the use of a broad range of jaw parts. The special internal joint mechanism prevents tissue and fine structures becoming trapped. In addition, the complete insulation that covers the joint mechanism as well ensures safe procedures.Which results in Coagulation Occuring only where necessary.

  • Three-part modular concept – can be dismantled for reprocessing
  • Ø 5.5 mm, working length 330 mm and 450 mm
  • Choice of different jaw part versions
  • Ergonomic ERAGON handle
  • Simple disassembly and assembly with Click-it fastening technology

The three-part modular generation of needle holders for laparoscopy


ERAGON stitch, the new, modular generation of needle holders for laparoscopy is setting a new standard in this field. Two ergonomic handle designs, two sheath diameters, three working lengths and a total of five different jaw parts cover every user requirement. Just as we know from the ERAGON product range, the new generation of needle holders can be dismantled into three parts and combined to suit the needs of the user.

  • Ergonomic design, two ERAGONstitch handle versions offer relaxed hand posi- tioning at any time and therefore the greatest possible operating comfort.comfortable handling.
  • Newly developed jaw mechanism for even greater precision.
  • Reliable control of the needle through consistent transfer of force.
  • Precise self-righting
  • New jaw geometry with self-righting function for curved needles.

The flexible solution

KeyPort Flex

Flexibility is the key to efficiency. KeyPort flex is efficient in every dimension. The flexible silicone tube simplifies introduction, the intelligent combination of reusable and disposable components creates an economic advantage. Compatibility with the Richard Wolf TEM System and the laparoscopic stan- dard instrument set makes the investment future-proof. The KeyPort flex turnkey system is streamlined, cost-effective and offers great performance. The special telescope and the convenient new rinsing sheath ensure clear vision at all times.

  • Flexible, disposable tube
  • Versatile sealing insert
  • Cost-effective combination, intelligent combination of disposable and reusable components.
  • The extended length of the PANOVIEW telescope creates additional degrees of freedom when working through only one port.
  • Three-way division – boundless modularity, all components can be combined with each other
  • Double-curve, single InLine, the sheath tube of the InLine in- struments has a double-curve.

Safety in a new light

SecuFix Uterus Manipulator

The SecuFix Manipulator has a modular structure made of just three parts: Uterus Manipulator, uterus probe and Colpotransilluminator. The longitudinal scale of the uterus probe means that the probe can be adapted to different cervix lengths with minimum cervical dilatation.

  • Atraumatic and secure fixation of the uterus by vacuum aspiration and transillumination of the tissue in laparoscopic hysterectomy
  • Modular, three-part structure
  • The manipulator and the uterus probe are reusable, the Colpotransilluminator is a sterile, disposable product

Spreading safety

SAXENA Pyloric Spreader

The Next Generation of Minimal Access Instruments for Pyloromyotomy. Infantile Hypertrophic Pyloric Stenosis (IHPS) is characterized by hypertrophy of the pyloric circular muscle that leads to the narrowing and elongation of the lumen. The ultrasound criteria are muscle thickness of >0.4 cm and channel length of >1.6 cm.

  • Sheath diameter 3.5 mm Working lengths of 240 mm and 330 mm
  • Modular, three-piece structure
  • Ergonomic pylorus spreader jaw specially designed for IHPS
  • Flat instrument tip for easy placement of the pylorus spreader in the incision of the pylorus muscle
  • Atraumatic, finely rounded tip minimizes mucosa injuries

Endoscopes for neonates to adolescents


Optimal therapy for adolescents and smaller anatomies. The individually adapted instrument size is one of the essential prerequisites for atraumatic endoscopy. Especially in pediatric urology, the risk of mucosal lesions in the urethra is very high due to the use of large-lumen instruments. Lifelong complications due to recurrent strictures can be the result. Richard Wolf offers rigid endoscopes in various diameters, lengths and viewing directions for pediatric indications. Modular system solutions complemented by flexible, state-of-the-art endoscopes for treatment from neonates to adolescents.


  • The instrument set is complemented with a resectoscope of 14.5 Fr. and opens up all possibilities of endourological surgery in conjunction with the associated auxiliary instruments.
  • Effective, atraumatic treatment for smaller anatomies
  • PANOVIEW telescope diameter 2.7 mm, viewing direction 0°
  • Various stricture scalpels


  • The “MIDI-size” cysto-urethroscopes (12.5 Fr. and 14.5 Fr.) with working channels of 5 Fr. or 7 Fr. offer adequate capacity for the corresponding auxiliary instruments.
  • Avoidance of recurrent strictures through atraumatic distal tip
  • PANOVIEW telescope diameter 2.7 mm, viewing direction 30°
  • Compatible with all common injection needles for endoscopic anti-reflux tube


  • Compact Universal Surgical Cysto-Urethoscope ( 8/9.8 Fr. ) for reflux therapy ( VUR = Vesico-Uretero-renal Reflux ) in small children.
  • Atraumaticaly shaped dispal tip
  • Optimum visibility, 12 degress view direction
  • Effective irrigation for flexible and rigid auxiliary instruments to 5 Fr.


  • Miniature compact fiber cysto-urethroscope (4.5 / 6.5 Fr. ) for gentle passage of urethra.
  • Excelent miniature fiber telescope, viewing direction 5 degress.
  • Effective irrigation through oval irrigation and working channel for auxiliary instruments 3 Fr.

Basic Set for Cystoscopy

Cysto-Urethroscope 8650

  • The E-line design guarantees optimum handling and safe, fatigue-free operation as well as a wide range of possible combinations.
  • The automatic snap-on connectors on the sheaths ensure fast and simple system connections.
  • PANOVIEW Telescopes
  • Cysto-Urethroscope 8650 for telescope 4 mm, 0°, 12°, 30°, 70° and adaptors and for telescope 4 mm, 30°, 70° and inserts with Albarran deflector
  • Optical Forceps and Scissors for cysto-urethroscope 8650 with telescope 4 mm, 0°

Slim 7 mm resectoscope ensures minimal dilation effort

PRINCESS Resectoscope

Thanks to its small dimensions, the extremely thin Princess resectoscope from Richard Wolf ensures a low resistance to insertion and minimal dilation effort, and also considerably reduces trauma to the cervical channel. It is therefore especially suitable for a stenotic cervical canal, in addition works well for patients undergoing fertility and sterility treatment. This instrument offers incredible comfort and simple handling. The rotating double sheath system allows the working element to rotate through 360° without the outer sheath rotating along in the cervical channel.

  • Slim 7 mm / 21 Fr. Resectoscope with continuous irrigation, optionally expandable to 8 mm
  • Hybrid technology for monopolar and bipolar applications with the same basic instrument
  • E-line quick-release mechanism
  • PANOVIEW telescope 2.7 mm, direction of view 12°
  • Minimal dilation effort
  • Much less resistance to insertion
  • Significantly less trauma to the cervical channel

Precision with bite

SHARK Resectoscope

Functional, precise, and efficient, these are the characteristics of the “SHARK” resectoscope. The ergonomically designed and perfectly coordinated overall system impresses with intuitive handling, control and safety. These exceptional Criterias have been recognised by the conferral of an iF product design award in 2013.

  • Maximum diversity active and passive working elements with open or closed handle design, for left-handed and right-handed users
  • Ergonomic design with special “SHARK-fin” finger supports and enlarged thumb rings for comfort
  • Soft stop for fatigue-free working
  • Torsion-resistant connector for all system components
  • Twist-lock for secure connection of telescope and working element
  • Automatic snap-on electrode locking for intuitive fixation of the electrode

A Masterpiece of its own

Resection Master

The RESECTION MASTER ensures continuous visualization and allows concen- tration entirely on the resection procedure. It is no longer necessary to exchange instrumentation repeatedly for manual chip removal – the RESECTION MASTER system performs this automatically and immediately with the integrated chip aspiration function.

  • Large separate working channel for instantaneous aspiration of even larger tissue fragments
  • Unobstructed and clear view of the operation site
  • 9 mm / 27 Fr. outer sheath with distally rounded isolation for atraumatic insertion and reduced resistance to insertion
  • Hybrid technology combines conventional resection and instantaneous aspiration of the tissue in one system
  • Suitable for both monopolar and bipolar applications without having to change the working element
  • E-line sheath quick-release system for simple and quick locking of sheath and working element
  • Special, effective high-performance pump
  • Extremely fast suction pulse with three individual settings
  • Separate collecting container, tissue fragments and secretions automatically separated
  • Step-by-step menu guidance for quick and simple set-up

Minimum sheath size – maximum stability

LAHME Miniature Nephroscope

The Miniature Nephroscope by Lahme offers a very slim, extremely easy-to-use instrument for therapy of renal-pelvis and caliceal stones, ideal for children and adults. Minimum sheath diameters of 15 and 18 Fr. are the best enabler for a gentle, minimally invasive intervention.

  • A useful addition to the instrument set for percutaneous stone therapy
  • For large lower caliceal stones as an alternative to ESWL
  • PANOVIEW OP telescope with laterally offset eyepiece, viewing direction of 12°, working channel 6 Fr.
  • Fast and safe introduction of auxiliary instruments thanks to automatic seal on working channel
  • Can be used with Amplatz sheath of 18 Fr.
  • Stainless steel special bougies for time-saving “one-step” dilatation

Universal Nephroscope

DRESDEN Universal Nephroscope

Alongside its ergonomic design, the Universal Nephroscope “Model Dresden” impresses with a particularly small sheath circumference of 20.8 Fr. to 24 Fr. and a large working channel of 10.5 Fr..

  • PANOVIEW OP telescope with parallel eyepiece, direction of view 12°
  • Particularly small sheath circumference
  • Large oval working channel, 14 Fr., for auxiliary instruments up to a diameter of Ø 3.5 mm
  • Effective irrigation
  • Ergonomic design and user-friendly with automatic valve

The Percutaneous Universal Nephroscope

Nephroscope for Large Anatomies

The Percutaneous Universal Nephroscope with 27 Fr. has an ergonomic design but a working channel of 4 mm and impresses with its special working length of 250 mm. The instrument is therefore ideal for use with obese patients.

  • PANOVIEW OP telescope with parallel eyepiece, direction of view 12°
  • Large-lumen sheath for very fast removal of extremely large stone concretions
  • Large oval working channel of 12 Fr., for auxiliary instruments up to a diameter of 4 mm
  • Effective irrigation
  • Ergonomic design and user-friendly with automatic valve